Videoship CEO Thomas Grimes and team meet with CCTV’s Jiang Wenbo


OTTAWA – May 6, 2016 – Videoship Enterprises Ltd. CEO and co-founder Thomas Grimes led a team to meet with Jiang Wenbo of CCTV and other executives in Beijing, China on April 26th.  At the forefront of discussions were media technology capabilities and facilitating global broadcasting demands.

Both sides expressed an interest in strengthening the global media industry with technical cooperation and advanced exchange system development.  According to Mr. Grimes, Videoship plans on establishing a permanent presence in China and hopes that they can work closely with CCTV to provide the advanced media distribution systems in use by broadcasters around the world.

CCTV is China’s largest national broadcasting network.  Coverage includes newscasts, in-depth reports, commentary programs and various feature presentations.  CCTV has a network of 45 channels and is accessible to over one billion viewers.

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