iNet Edu Project

The iNet Edu project aims to improve the speed and quality of online delivery of course lectures and academic talks. A collaboration between Ottawa-based data broadcast company VideoShip and the University of Toronto, this project is focused on developing a new system that will allow academic institutions to provide broadcast quality recordings of lectures and talks on both private and public networks. University of Toronto and Videoship are experimenting with both studio and at-home recording scenarios to enable both live feeds and asynchronous viewing of recorded content, along with an accompanying online platform with built-in editing and closed captioning/transcription features, which students/participants can then access through a secure, confidential (privacy-by-design), browser-based system.

Students can view/download lecture content by clicking on a secured, password protected link. In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the iNet Edu project is currently developing safe, convenient, broadcast (i.e. HDTV) quality remote delivery options for both studio and at-home recordings.

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